Friday, July 17, 2009

Sibley at Midwest Birding Symposium!

That's David Sibley, surrounded by woody plants. Dave. Ya know him, ya love him, ya got his book. When it launched in 2000, his Sibley Guide to Birds caused a firestorm in the birding world not seen since Roger Tory slapped down some arrows, pointed them at key field marks, and inked them all into his now legendary field guide. Sibley's guide is now indispensable to birders of all stripes, and is remarkable in its scope.

Adorned with a lovely Red-tailed Hawk, the now famous Sibley guide. Many of the people reading this have it, I'll bet, and many reading this have probably consulted their Sibley within the last few days, I'll bet.

Well, many birds spend much time in trees, and this ecological relationship has not eluded David Sibley. And unbeknownst to many, he has spent the last seven or eight years laboring away on the dendrological counterpart to his bird guide: the Sibley Guide to Trees. And, MAKE NOTE, just a few weeks after the book hits the shelves, David is coming to Ohio and the Midwest Birding Symposium! You heard right, Sibley will be on the shores of Lake Erie at MBS giving a program about his new guide, and signing copies.

The cover. You'll want this one staring out from your shelf. All birders will do well to learn a bit more about the foliage that our feathered friends frequent, and this'll be the book to have.

A page from within, this one featuring one of Ohio's four native pines. Like Pine Warblers? They like this tree.

Here's the Shagbark Hickory page. Brown Creepers sometimes build their nests under the exfoliating bark of this woody shagster.

Oh yes, the new Sibley will not only be made from wood products, it is going to be chock full of facts about our trees, all attended by Sibley's wonderful, original artwork.

Come see David Sibley and get his new book at the Midwest Birding Symposium. The conference dates are September 17 - 20, and Mr. Sibley will be there on Friday the 18th. There will be many other great speakers and birding luminaries. Just check the schedule right here. You'll absolutely not want to miss this event.

If you live in Ohio and like birds, I really hope you can make it. If you don't live in Ohio and like birds, I really hope you'll come visit our state. I GUARANTEE you'll have a great time on the shores of Lake Erie.

And no matter where you live, if you DON'T like birds, I really encourage you to come to Midwest Birding Symposium. We'll make some sort of birder out of you or give your money back!
REGISTER right here! Hope to see you in September.


Jared said...

Wow! I hadn't even heard about this book. has a few sample pages, too...and the book looks very promising. I really need to learn the trees better, and although I have several guides already, Sibley's should make things a bit more fun.

And you reminded me; I had a Brown Creeper nesting under the bark in a Shagbark Hickory in Portage Co. several years back.

dAwN said...

Excellent! you all have some great programs going on! I will make it there someday! i will I will!