Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lake Erie Wing Watch

I should have had this out on the wire a while back, but better late than never.

The 17th annual Lake Erie Wing Watch will be held this Saturday, in Port Clinton, Ohio. Hard on the shores of Lake Erie, this is the self-proclaimed Walleye Capital of the World. But it's also a great area for birds, and as an attendee, you'll be a mere stone's toss from the Buckeye State's great cradle of wetland biodiversity, the vast marshes of western Lake Erie.

But wait. There is more. Saturday features a star-studded cast of speakers, or at least a constellation of flickering flames headed by a genuine celeb of the bird world: Mr. Chuck Hagner, editor-in-chief of Birder's World magazine. You won't want to miss Chuck's talk, as the protagonist is a bird named for an Ohio town: that rarity of rarities, the Kirtland's Warbler.

But wait. There is more yet. Other speakers include Tom Hissong on bird song; Mark Witt on waterfowl; Sharon Cummings on photography; Jen Brumfield on how NOT to bird; Mark Shieldcastle on songbird migration; and Larry Richardson on warbler ID. And since it's my blog, I can save me for last - I get to talk about those bloodthirsty winged killers, those avian scud missiles, those feathered guerillas: RAPTORS!

For the complete skinny, just go ahead and click this right here.


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