Thursday, February 21, 2008

Flora-Quest 2008

Last year, several of us got together and devised an event to showcase the flora (and fauna) of Shawnee State Forest and vicinity, one of the most beautiful locales in the eastern U.S. We held it in early May, when the woodlands are carpeted with scores of beautiful spring wildflowers, and to many, Shawnee is at its finest. We had a smashing good time, and couldn't wait to repeat it.

Thus, on the weekend of May 2 - 4, we'll once again hold Flora-Quest. Just as before, many of the state's best botanists have come together to help lead trips through this wilderness, and help attendees see and learn about the interesting plants of the region, both common and rare. We've also added trips to the nearby, sprawling Edge of Appalachia preserve - truly one of the gems of Ohio's natural areas.

Each night features stellar presentations by expert presenters, and there will be a special program on orchids on Saturday. For more details and registration information, go right here.

This year, our conference plant is the very rare and spectacularly showy Wherry's Catchfly, Silene caroliniana. The Shawnee area harbors some of Ohio's very few populations, and it will be looking just like the above photo during Flora-Quest. I took this picture last year during the F-Q weekend. There'll be much more, though - we can expect hundreds of plant species, not to mention all of the birds and other animals. Hope to see you there!

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