Thursday, July 26, 2007

Artists and Authors event

On Saturday, August 4th of this very year, the legendary Black Swamp Bird Observatory will be hosting a new event that they've devised - the Artists and Authors Afternoon. Go here for details. And, it's free!

And they do have some real artists in the house. Kenn Kaufman will be there; we all know what jewels his various field guides are. Just got my insect guide - Kenn's newest - and it is sensational. I must remember to cart all my guides up to have Kenn sign them...
Other fabulous writers, artists and photographers will be on hand, too, including such luminaries as Jen Brumfield, Ian Adams, Chip Gross, Jim Mollenkopf, Karen Menard, Marilyn Reeder, Larry Rosche, and Brian Zweibel.
Since the program doesn't begin until 1 pm, there'll be plenty of time prior to scout around the vast marshes of western Lake Erie for shorebirds and other early fall migrants. Dragonflies should be great, too - last year around this time Rick Nirschl found Ohio's first Striped Saddlebags a stone's throw from BSBO's offices.
They have kindly invited me to speak at this gig - always an honor. I asked, "on what?". They said "whatever". I said "owls?". They said "fine". So owls it is, and I've had fun putting this one together.

Cute little rascals, aren't they? You wouldn't be saying that if you were a white-footed mouse and this Northern Saw-whet Owl was hot on your heels!

Crows like to heckle Great Horned Owls, just like some ruffians like to heckle speakers. I am hopeful there will be no crows in the audience.

I'll try to be on my A-game for this owl talk - I definitely don't want this sort of reaction!

Hope to see you there!

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